What is yoga?

The Indian language of Sanskrit defines yoga as 'yoke' or union, commonly the union between breath, body and mind.... but what does that mean when you put it into practice?


For most, yoga is an opportunity to create dedicated time from hectic lives, to move and stretch, lengthen and strengthen muscles; to breathe deeply and conciously; to nourish inner organs through this healthy practice; to find peace of mind; to challenge yourself and to have fun.

Yoga is so often so much more than flexibility, it is  a way of to discover more about yourself but whatever brings you to yoga is perfect. If you are coming for health benefits - perfect. For relaxation - perfect. As a compliment to other sports - perfect. 

And there is no bad at yoga, it's not about being touching your toes, just being on the yoga mat, breathing into the places that are tight, having an intention to clear the mind - is doing yoga. 


In the sanskrit language,  Anahata is the name given to the heart chakra. Join us for an honest approach to Yoga. Yoga from the heart.




Take a rest, lie down and enjoy the opportunity to chill out to this free guided meditation from Lucy.

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