Dale's classes offer something for every level, with guidance for modifications and space for advancements. Dale has been practicing yoga for 6 years and in his classes, offers a gentle flow sequence with his 'piece de resistance' of a closing sound bath to completely and wholly restore the bodies mind, energy and body. 

Please contact Dale 07770 397092 on for class prices. 


Yin Yoga is an invitation for you to slow down. This deep and powerful practice gives us a way back to ourselves, finding space in the body and stillness in the mind. In Yin, poses are held passively for minutes, not breaths. This targets the body’s connective tissues and joints, allowing the body to open and release. Yin is mainly floor based and poses can be modified. Bring warm clothes and socks to ensure cosiness! £8 drop in or £45 for 6 classes/block. Contact Em on 07588 098394


Slow vinyasa for busy people  No experience needed. Please accept modifications, adjustments (with your permission) and most importantly smile and chill out factor afterwards. You will feel stronger and happier in your body and mind. £10 per drop-in class or a block of six classes for £55. Contact Aggie on 07786 431604.


Anahata Yoga has all the facilties you require for your physical practice - mats, bricks, straps, cushions and eye bags. 

We also have everything for your mental and emotional practice - many soft candles to soothe your eyes, luxurious blankets to snuggle beneath and classes led with confidence and security but our piece de resistance is yoga by the open fire. Perfect for those dark winter nights when the temperature is cold and you need to offer yourself some TLC.


During the summer months our space offers a cool, light and airy room with full facilities to change and take a shower, should you chose. 


"Our space has developed with a desire to offer all of our clients a fresh and intimate space and make it as close to perfect as we can. All of our yoga teachings and therapy offerings are delivered from the heart and we hope, bring a touch of indulgence and wellbeing to the inner-you.

Through emotional and spiritual counselling, highly effective acupuncture, to physical muscular treatments by massage and self-service to your body through yoga, Anahata Yoga offers inner and outer body; emotional, mental, spiritual and physical nourishment and happiness.

Our principle of total body wellbeing underpins all that we offer at Anahata Yoga, from the integrity of our therapists and teachers to the time, space and understanding we offer to you.

We hope that your experience with us will help you fall in love not only with us but more importantly with yourself. Namaste."


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If you have a question regarding a specific class and for a speedier response, please contact each teacher individually. Their details can be found here

We all look forward to seeing you in class very soon. Namaste

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